Since studying for a BA Fashion at University for the Creative Arts, Epsom. I have an understanding of the production of clothing and how the creation of garments can be approached in an ethical manner. 

Historical and wearable references are the main theme of my work and I proceeded to develop clothing that enables consumers to have unique pieces of clothing that make  reference to heritage backgrounds. 

I have taken inspiration from my art background and Caribbean heritage which is used to create abstract pieces of clothing that are simple and detailed. My main strength relies on fabric and colour; being able to draw on colours and fabric from research images. 

Cultural references allow me to elaborate on celebrating cultural heritage. My cultural heritage allows me to interpret colorus and inspiration into my designs.

 I aim to develop a career in fashion through a brand that highlights the heritage of migrant ethnicities. When designing my eight-piece collection, it has been an experience to understand the process of building a fashion brand. I hope to explore the process of fashion design further to process my skills gained in my degree to garment production and design innovation.